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WordPress.com vs WordPress.org : Which is better in 2018?

WordPress is the most popular hosting platform in the world. It allows you to create beautiful, responsive and elegant websites even if you don’t know a single line of code. You might be confused while searching the web for WordPress as generally, two results appear – wordpress.org and wordpress.com. There is quite a lot of difference between these two. In this post, let us analyze wordpress.com vs wordpress.org by making a thorough comparison between them.


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Before building your website/blog, you must have a basic knowledge of the platform you are using. You must also decide which platform is better for you according to your needs.

If you are a beginner and don’t have enough money to invest, then I would recommend going with Google Blogger.

But if you want to monetize your website (or creating a website to just earn profit out of it), then go for WordPress.

Before we start, you can see a comparison between Google Blogger and WordPress by clicking the link below –

Blogger Vs WordPress – Which is better in 2018?

Now, when you have made up your mind to carry on creating a website with WordPress, let us deeply understand the basics of the two platforms provided by WordPress – wordpress.com vs wordpress.org!

Let us understand the basic differences between wordpress.com vs wordpress.org and try to analyze which one is better for you.

Before that, a short note about the WordPress.


What is WordPress?

WordPress is a free and open source content management system platform which allows you to create beautiful, elegant, secure, fast and SEO friendly websites in few simple steps. 

It allows users to create blogs, e-commerce websites, educational websites, etc. Over 60 million users worldwide use WordPress including 30 percent of the top 10 million websites.

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What makes WordPress unique is its plugin and template system to create a website. Even if you don’t know anything about coding, you can still be able to create a beautiful website with the help of plugins and templates (or themes).

With over thousands of themes and plugins, everything can be done in the easiest way.

Just write beautiful content and WordPress plugins and themes will take care of the rest!

Having said that, let us now compare wordpress.com vs wordpress.org!


WordPress.com Vs WordPress.org


WordPress.com –

It is a blogging platform which runs on a modified version of WordPress which is a basically a website creating space where your site is hosted on their own servers (hosted online by Automatic).

It is super easy to create a website over WordPress.com.

Just give your website a title, domain name and you are good to create an awesome website! 

While creating a site, you will be asked to choose a plan. It offers various plans like FREE, BASIC, PREMIUM, and BUSINESS out of which you need to select one.

If you cannot spare a penny, you can go with their free plan. But I would recommend using Google Blogger rather than this free plan. This is because, with this free plan, you will never be able to monetize your website with Google AdSense. So if you are planning to earn profits out of your blog without investing money, Blogger is the option you should choose.

Even with the Basic plan (which cost 200 Rupees per month), you cannot add Google AdSense to your website. Doesn’t seems good, right?

You can only use AdSense with Premium and Business Plans which will cost you a huge sum (at least for beginners) of ₹350 per month and ₹800 per month respectively. On top of that, they are billed annually which means that you have to spend ₹4,200 to ₹9,600 per month!

Let’s get deeper into its pros and cons and try to understand it.



1. Your website is hosted on WordPress servers which means that you don’t have to worry about the site security, data loss, etc. You also don’t have to worry about downtimes (which are very rare) of your website.

2. Your site loading will be fast and optimized.

3. Very easy setup. Just get a free or paid domain and you are off to go!



1. Very limited functionality if you are a free or basic user. You can’t place and earn through your own ads.

2. Premium plan allows you to monetize your site but still, you cannot use the famous WordPress plugins which are only accessible if you have a business plan which costs more than 800 INR per month. This means that with free and basic plans, you can create a site with very limited functionality and features!

source: WordPress.com

3. You cannot upload any custom themes until you opt for a business plan. If you have a premium theme which you bought from an online store, you cannot upload it and use it in your WordPress site. The same goes for plugins.

4. Chances are that they can delete your site or ban you if they think it violates their Terms of Service. So, you have to be very cautious before taking a step. 

5. Want to track your website performance with the best Google Analytics service? You are not so lucky because you cannot use google analytics, e-commerce features, forum add-ons and many such special features if you don’t have a business plan as these are only available through plugins. 


So, either you can spend ₹9,600 per year (if you can) or avoid it! 

Let’s continue our discussion and compare wordpress.com vs wordpress.org.


WordPress.org –

WordPress.org is in true words a free and open source content management system platform.

It is a self-hosted platform by WordPress which means that you can host your site where ever you want.




This means that your site will not be hosted on the WordPress servers. They just provide you a platform where you can work and create content.

But you have to take care of everything right from custom domain to hosting services, backup of your site, security and much more.

But you have full control over your website. You don’t have to spend ₹9000 just to use plugins and custom themes or place ads on your website. You can use hosting providers like Godaddy, Bluehost, etc whichever cost you less to buy a custom domain and a hosting.

Check out the cheapest hosting available for the beginners ->

Hostinger Discount – Cheap Hosting for beginners

It is a great tool to build your site providing flexibility and freedom to build your site the way you want! You are not limited by the features that come with a huge price tag, especially for beginners!

Let us now analyze some of its pros and cons and see whether is it a good choice to carry on with WordPress.org


1. It will cost you way less than what Business plan(of wordpress.com) costs and also provides you with all the features of the business plan + much more!

Let us analyze how much I spend at the beginning while creating my website on WordPress.org –

I bought a Custom Domain for around ₹250 (3.58 dollars) for 1 year.

My website was hosted for around ₹600 for 3 months (see how).

I bought an SSL certificate for around ₹500 for lifetime! (see how)

Total expenditure – ₹1350

₹ 1350 is way less than ₹4,200 or ₹9,600 which you have to pay in WordPress.com. Moreover, you have the complete authority of your website and configure it the way you want!

2. You can use unlimited plugins and premium themes, and also provides an option to upload custom themes and plugins. This means that now you can upload the themes or templates you bought from third-party sites and give your website the look you want.

3. You can use google integration(like analytics) to track your website performance and user activity, use it as an e-commerce website and sell your own products and can also use payment interfaces to collect the amount people spend while purchasing your products or services.

4. It the best available platform when it comes to Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

You can now use plugins like Yoast SEO to carry out on-page and off-page SEO on your site as it contains tons of features to rank high in google search results. 

There is a plugin available to solve almost every error or problem you face while creating your website.

5. You can also create a static homepage or other pages with the help of a plugin known as Elementor! Create beautiful, Elegant, Responsive and speedy pages using this plugin! 

To know more follow this link –

Elementor : Create a static homepage in WordPress

5. You can monetize your site with Google Adsense and increase your profits! Just use a plugin to add AdSense code to your pages on your website. You can also add it manually though it could become a bit difficult.

6. You also have the option to go with high quality hosting providers like Bluehost which offers premium quality hosting with no downtime at a reasonable price! To buy a domain or hosting from Bluehost click on the banner below!



1. You have the complete control of your website, which means that you are responsible for site backup. site security, updates, etc. Hence anything happens to your site, you are responsible! 

If your site is hacked (due to your negligence), your whole data is gone. To avoid it you can either buy a security service from your hosting provider or use plugins.

Also, keep backing up your data regularly to help avoid any future problems related to loss of data, etc.

To conclude, WordPress is no longer responsible for your website condition or its functioning. You are your own boss and hence, should be very cautious before experimenting with your website as all your hard work will reduce to dust with just one mistake!

2. You have to pay for hosting and sometimes an SSL certificate. (Though it is way less than the Business plan of wordpress.com)

According to Google new Algorithm, an SSL certificate is a must if you want to rank higher in Google Search Results. Google doesn’t want to serve their users a site which is not secure. So, buy an SSL certificate along with hosting by following the links – 

Hostinger Discount – Cheap Hosting for beginners


Now after going through all the pros and cons of the debate of WordPess.com vs WordPress.org, let us conclude which one is for you.


Who can start with wordpress.org?

I would recommend everyone to start with wordpress.org because of its versatility, full control, many features and lesser costs. 

You cannot avoid the temptation of thousands of plugins, can you?

Learn how to create a site using WordPress.org –

WordPress.org – How to create a site


Just try to not mess things up by experimenting (like editing codes) on your site and keep your site backed up with maximum security to avoid losing your data and eventually your site.

It will really help you in improving your ranking in search engines and thereby increasing your revenue to a great extent.

Who can start with wordpress.com?

If you don’t wish to monetize your website, then go for free or basic plans of wordpress.com. It is good if you just want to share your experiences and ideas with the world without plans to earn profit out of it. 

It is best if you want to create a non – profit blog from it.

The basic WordPress plan is free and it is very easy to create a site on it. It is secure and will run faster on servers.

You can also opt for wordpress.com if you can afford and don’t mind spending money buying the business plan. Though it is not very advisable. With even a lower price tag (around ₹5000 per year) you can have all the functions and features of WordPress.org that too at a very reasonable price! Better than ₹9,600, isn’t it?

You can always stick to the wordpress.org. You are never going to regret it! Happy Blogging!

If you have any doubts regarding the comparison wordPess.com vs wordPress.org, you can ask me by commenting on this post or hitting the “Contact Us” button on the top right of the page.

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