29 SEO tools to rank on first page of Google in 2019

This is an all in one guide where you will find the most famous SEO Tools available for you. 


This is a list of must-have tools if you want to rank your page over your competitors!


In the previous post, I shared some of the SEO techniques to improve your rankings in Google Search Results with Blogger.


Some of these might come with a price tag, but by using their insights effectively, you can surge up your traffic and hence the earnings!

I have divided this post into two sections – Free SEO Tools and Paid SEO Tools that you must try in 2018.




1.  GTmetrix (Speed Optimization)

This free tool by is one of the best and commonly used free SEO tool to test the speed of your website.

Do you know that a good portion of your traffic is lost if your website is slow? I am sure you don’t want that.

GTmetrix most importantly gives you a detailed report about the speed of your website or web pages and shows the problems that you can fix to speed up your site significantly.

Gtmetrix SEO Tools
Page report for GrowUrBlog


Visit the website –


2. Page Speed Insights (Speed Optimization)

Page speed insights is a free tool by Google to check your site’s speed on the web.

Just enter the page URL and select Analyze to get the detailed report of the scripts and issues that are slowing down your website.

I would recommend entering a specific page of your website (except the root/home page because it does not show accurate results for it) to test its speed.

Pagespeed insights
Pagespeed insights of post


Visit the website –


3. Think With Google (Speed Optimization)

A free tool to check your website’s mobile performance!

Just analyze your web pages to get a report of issues slowing down your site.

You can also get a detailed report via E-Mail using this tool.

Mobile page speed Insights


Visit the website –


4. Hummingbird (Speed Optimization)

After you know the problems your page has after using the above tools, the next step is to solve them.

But How?

One of the tools I use to solve maximum errors regarding speed optimization is Hummingbird WordPress extension.

It can run a performance test and remove some most common errors that reduce website speed. 


Check out now –


5. DareBoost  (Speed Optimization)

Dareboost is a free tool testing tool to check the complete performance of your site.

It analyzes your site and generates a report with errors and issues that can be corrected.

You can analyze 5 reports a month (after signup) which seems enough for a website.


Generate your report now! –


6. Website Grader (Speed Optimization)

A complete SEO and speed testing tool.

It generates a report of your website really fast and pretty accurate.

website grader seo tools
Website Grader

Check your site –


7. Check my Links (Extension)

Check my links is a free Google Chrome extension that tells you the broken links on any website. You can use it to –

Check broken links on your own site and repair them.

Or you can use it for creating backlinks by using Broken Links method.

Check out this article to see my top Chrome Extensions to improve SEO – Chrome Extension: Top 5 free SEO extensions to boost up your rankings

Check my links SEO Tools
Check my links


Visit the extension – Check my links


8. Open SEO stats(Extension)

It is one of the best SEO extension I found on chrome store.

It gives you an overall insight of your websites like the backlinks, pages indexed, page loading time, Alexa rank, page info, site info and much more.

The best part is that all of it comes free of cost. Just type open SEO stats on chrome extensions and download it!

Open SEO stats
Stats for

Visit the extension – Open SEO Stats


9. Piktochart (Link Building)

Piktochart is an online platform which will help you create beautiful infographics for your site.

People love infographics! They are really important when it comes to getting backlinks as a good infographic will be shared more on many platforms.

Thus you can create beautiful infographics using Piktochart and share them!



Visit the official website –


10. Canva (Link Building)

A good alternative to Piktochart.

Canva has some very cool free templates that you can use to create infographics. It also has good embed options.

Canva dashboard

Check it out now –


11. Siege Media Embed Code Generator (Link Building)

Siege Media Embed code Generator is one of the best infographic embed code generator. You can create an embed link for your infographic and share it.

It can help generate some very quality backlinks thus ranking your site higher in Google Search Results.

Embed Code Generator

You can generate your own embed code by visiting the website –


12. Marie Haynes’ Disavow Blacklist (Link Building)

It is a free tool which allows you to check the links that are declared as spam. Spammy links negatively affect the SEO rankings of your website.

To get the list of spam links, enter the Page URL and check it for any errors!

Then remove the spammy URL’s to rank higher in Google Search Results!

Marie Haynes
Marie Haynes

Visit the official website –


13. Yoast SEO (Technical Tools)

Everyone knows Yoast SEO. It is considered to be one of the best SEO tool available for WordPress users.

Yoast SEO is a WordPress plugin that has many inbuilt features which really helps with the On-Page and Off-Page SEO.

You can optimize your post around your keyword to rank it higher and faster in Google Search Results!

Yoast SEO
Yoast SEO

Visit the official website –


14. All in one SEO Pack (Technical Tools)

It is the best alternative to Yoast SEO plugin.

It offers some extra features like a “bad bot” blocker, auto-generated description tags and canonical tag support.

Overall, it is a must try if you don’t like to work with Yoast SEO.

SEO plugin
All in one SEO Pack

Visit the plugin page –


15. Google Search Console (Technical Tools)

Google offers a free platform to improve the site’s presence is Google Search Results.

It is an all in one tool which will help you to track the search metrics, sitemaps, index pages, errors and much more.

If you run a website, it is highly recommended to have a Search Console account.

Google is working on a new, revamped search console. Do check it out!

Search console
Google Search console

To sign up for a new Google Search Console account, click here –


16. Bing Webmaster Tools (Technical Tools)

Bing is the second largest Search Engine(after Google) and offers a free tool similar to Google Search Console. It is called the Bing Webmaster Tool.

It allows you to monitor your web pages on Bing Search Results!

Though it is not that good when compared to Search Console but offers some extra features like a keyword research tool.

Bing webmasters tool

Visit the official website –


17. Google Analytics (Technical Tools)

Google Analytics is a daily driver for a blogger. It is the best medium to gather crucial data and insights about the visitors, pages, earnings, etc.

You can also check the info on Landing and exit pages, bounce rate, and real-time users that are active on your site.

You can filter the IP addresses which you don’t want it to record.

Moreover, it gives you an option to integrate Google AdSense and Google Ads directly to your Analytics account so that you can manage them all in one place!

GrowUrBlog Analytics

Visit the official website –


18. Hreflang Tags Generator Tool (Technical Tools)

One of the best SEO tools to generate the hreflang tags for your website.

Hreflang tags or attributes tells Google which language you are using on your website or on a particular page so that search engine can serve that result to users searching in that language.

Hreflang Tags Generator Tool

Visit the official website –


19. Plugin SEO (Technical Tools)

“Plugin SEO” is a website which tells you the basic SEO errors on your website and how you can solve them.

It provides some useful insights into the status of your’s site SEO.


Check out now –





20. SEMrush (Technical Tools)

SEMrush is one of the most famous SEO tools and Search Analytics software.

I am a regular user of this software as it provides a number of special features which will surely help you to boost your rank and SEO.

It is an all-in-one SEO tool which offers you features like keyword research, tracks keyword ranking and checks backlinks and competitor’s rank.

Moreover, SEMRUSH also gives you a detailed report by auditing your site.

It is a paid software but you can get it on a trial period in the beginning. But, I assure you that you will never regret buying this software.

You can get a detailed SEO report of your website/blog by clicking on the banner below –



21. Click Flow (Technical Tools)

ClickFlow shows the pages on your website that has the highest growth potential (in terms of traffic and revenue).

Then, you can run tests to see which version of your page performs best. 

You can optimize it more to improve its performance further.



Visit the official site –


22. OnCrawl (Technical Tools)

A site auditing tool that comes with monthly and yearly plans to suit your needs.

OnCrawl gives you a detailed report on content, HTML quality, architecture, performance and much more.




Visit the official site –

23. GuestPost Tracker (Link Building)

It is a service that offers a huge database of Guest Post accepting websites.

You can find the best site within your niche that accepts guest posts and then email them for the same. This tool also allows you to track sites that you’ve submitted to.

This is of the best way to drive traffic to your website.

You can buy its membership at 99 dollars for the lifetime!

Guest post tracker

Visit the official website –


24. BuzzSumo (Link Building)

BuzzSumo is a must-have SEO tools if you want to rank higher and faster.

It shows you the posts related to your post and who shared them.

In this way, you can write a better content and ask the people to share your content which can create tons of backlinks to your site.

Cool isn’t it? 


Visit the Official website –


25. Buzzstream (Link Building)

Buzzstream makes the job of email outreach and link building organized.

It helps you to research influencers, manage your relationships, and conduct outreach that’s personalized and efficient.


To know more, check their official website –


26. AuthoritySpy (Link Building)

A great tool to find out top influencers in your niche.

Build high-quality backlinks by finding the right people at a right time.


Join now –


27. Citation Lab’s broken link finder (Link Building)

Tired of finding links page by page?

A major disadvantage of free broken links checker is that they find broken links manually page by page.

Citation Lab’s broken link finder is a tool which allows you to find broken links automatically. 

Just type in the keyword and it will search the internet with all broken links and provide you with the vital information!


link building
broken link building

Visit the website –


28. Sistrix (Link Building)

Sistrix is an all in one tool to show the backlinks, site’s ranking, keyword Ideas and much more!

You can get a 14 day free trial period to have full access to all the features and decide whether it is worth your money.



Start your trial here –


29. Group High (Link Building)

Group High – A leader in Blog Intelligence!

A simple to use blogger outreach tool.

Just type in a few keywords and get access to a large blog database in your niche.

Not sure whether it is worth your money? Take a free 7-day trial for instant access!




Visit the official site –

These are some of the best tools available right now in the market to improve your SEO score.

Stay tuned as this post will regularly update with more free and paid tools.

If you like the article, do share it!


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