SEO Techniques for Google Blogger in 2018

It can be hard to implement SEO with Google Blogger. But don’t worry, I have prepared a list of SEO techniques to rank high in Google Search Results with Blogger!

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is defined as the process of enhancing the online visibility of your website/blog in the search results thus making it appear on the top of the search results. You can follow some SEO techniques to improve your search rankings!

But why you want your website to appear on top of the Google search results?

It is pretty straightforward. You want more organic traffic (unpaid traffic, which comes from Google Search Results)to your website which is the only way to increase your earnings either through the two most common earning platforms – Google AdSense or Affiliate Marketing.

Now the next question is that why Google Blogger needs SEO?

Google Blogger is a free platform by Google which allows you to create blogs. It does not come with pre-installed SEO features.

Also, it is really important( and difficult too) to optimize your Blog on Blogger because of its limited functionality and non-availability of Plugins( which are available in WordPress and hence makes your work a lot easier).

SEO is really important when it comes to driving more organic traffic to your blog and hence increasing your revenue. The higher you rank in Google Search results, the more traffic you get.

But there are some tricks which can help in ranking high in Google Results!

In this blog post, I will try to tell you some very basic SEO techniques for Google Blogger which you can follow to rank your website high in Google search results!

So, let us analyze some of the most basic SEO techniques in Blogger which can improve your search rankings considerably.


After a Blogger update, Google added some in-settings features to improve the SEO of your blog.

You can tweak some settings in Blogger to improve the SEO by making it easier for Google to index your pages.

First of all, make sure that your site is redirecting to HTTPS.

In the new Google Algorithm Update, It clearly stated that HTTPS redirect is an important factor when it comes to ranking high in Google Search results.

To redirect your website from HTTP to HTTPS, navigate to Settings > Basics and then change the HTTPS redirect to “YES”.

There are a few more settings that you need to change asap if you want to improve your SEO.

Next, navigate to Settings > Search Preferences. You need to make a couple of changes here.

Under “Meta Tags”, write a short description of your blog(150 words max.) and click on save.


SEO techniques
You must fill the description box under Meta Tags!

Next look for the “Custom Robots Header Tags” under Crawlers and indexing section.

Click on the edit option and enable it. You will see many different options and a checkbox in front of them. Just copy the format of the following image (don’t commit any errors as it can discourage the search engines to not crawl your pages!).

Blogger SEO
Mark them carefully!


Keywords are the important words or phrases that make it possible for people to find your site on through search results.

For example, if you have a post with the keyword “SEO TOOLS”, it means that when users type this keyword or phrase on the search engines, your site should appear in the search results.

But it isn’t that easy to rank your keywords to the top of Google search results, especially with Google Blogger. But you can follow some of the following tips to optimize it!

1. The targeted keyword should appear in the Headlines(including title), the permalink(URL) and the meta description of your post (But remember not to bombard your article with the keyword as it is not a good SEO practice).

2. Make sure that the keyword should appear in the first paragraph of your post. Try to make your first paragraph short(usually 1 or 2 lines) and include the keyword in it.

3. Do not increase your keyword density more than 5%. This means that if you have an article of 100 words, make sure that you don’t use the keyword more than 5 times.


Try to use the targeted keyword or phrase in the Title and the content of your pages. Also, find out the best performing keywords in your particular niche(Google Trends) and then use them effectively. If your blog contains keywords that are trending or expecting a rise in search results, your page will rank higher in Google results thereby increasing your traffic.

Google Trends



Alt text(alternative text), also known as “alt attributes” or “alt descriptions” are used within an HTML code to describe the appearance and function of an image.

Using alt text in images is very necessary when it comes to improving the SEO of your website.

It provides a better description to search engines about the image which help in indexing the image properly. It is also important for visually impaired users using screen readers to better understand an on-page image.

It provides alternate information about the image to the user if he is not able to view it(due to slow connections, etc). You can put an alt text in an image by going to the image properties in Blogger and then set the “alt text” option.

ALT text on Blogger!


Google Search Console is a free service by Google that helps you maintain and monitor your site’s performance and presence in Google Search results.

Search console is yet a very important tool when it comes to removing errors related to SEO. It helps you identify the errors like hreflang, missing author, missing update, etc so that actions can be taken in accordance.

Search Console
Easily identify errors using the Search Console.



Interlinking is another important SEO techniques which are used to lower the bounce rate of your website and hence increase the time user spend browsing your website, thus increasing your SEO rankings.

Try to link your posts with each other so that user not only browse the current page but can easily browse through other pages also.

For example, I have interlinked (highlighted in red) many words in this post which upon clicking will direct you to my other posts thereby lowering the bounce rate and increasing the overall SEO rankings.



This is a prerequisite when it comes to improving your SEO ranking.

A quality content is the most important part if you want your site to be in the top search results.

If your content is copied or not of any importance, chances are high that you will never be able to find a place in google top search results.

Try to write an excellent and thorough content (at least 1500 words) that provides some value to the users on your site.

Quality Content

7.TIME –

This is particularly not a technique but worth mentioning. As per a famous proverb, SLOW AND STEADY WINS THE RACE!

Remember that improving your website ranking is not a one day process.

Write good quality posts on a regular basis and follow the above techniques to get the most out of your blog. In this way, you will be recognized and paid for your hard work!

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