Blogger-How to make a blog in 2018

In this post, I will tell you how you can create your own website on Blogger. Blogger is a free platform by Google which lets you create beautiful blogs at no costs! It is very simple to understand and work on. Also since it is hosted on Google servers, your data is secured from any cyber attacks. Let us the see the step by step procedure to make a blog/website on blogger.

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1. Sign up into Blogger-

First, open and then click on “CREATE YOUR BLOG”. After this, you have to sign in to your Gmail account. Once you have logged into your Gmail account, you will be greeted by a page like this

2. Create a New Blog –

Under create a new blog, fill up the title of your blog and give it an address. Note that the address of your blog will be created something like – If you want to remove the domain and want just .com/.in/etc domain ( you have to buy a domain name from either Google or domain providers like Godaddy, Bluehost, etc. After this select any theme you would like to choose for your blog and then click on “CREATE BLOG”.

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3. Home Page –

You will be directed to a new page which looks exactly like this. On the left side, you have access to all the options like posts, stats, settings which helps you create a beautiful blog.

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Key –

  • Posts – Helps you to create posts for your blog.
  • Stats – Shows you the no. of visitors or traffic on your blog in terms of page views, source, etc.
  • Comments – Shows you the comments that users leave on your posts and your replies.
  • Earnings – It allows you to position ads on your website/blog after your AdSense account(Adsense is a service by Google which allows you to earn money by placing ads on your website) is approved and thus you can earn money from it. Read more at the end of this post to know more about earning from your blog!
  • Pages – Lets you create pages like Privacy Policy, Contact Me, About me, etc.
  • Layout – It allows you to arrange positions of widgets, ads, etc on your blog. You can also add or remove any element from your blog using this option.
  • Theme – It let you pick a theme for your blog and customize it.
  • Settings – It helps to customize blog according to your needs. You can also backup your blog using settings. It also has some SEO(click here to know about SEO) features which will help in boosting up your rankings and increasing the profit,

4. Create Posts –

To write a post, click on the first option “Posts” on the left sidebar and then click on “New Post” on the top. You will be directed to this page. You can give your post a title and then start writing on the space provided below. After you have finished writing the post, click on publish to publish the post over the internet.

Source: Blogger

You can add images or videos to your blog by using the insert image and insert video option on the status bar just below the Title of your post. You can also group together similar posts( with common topics) by using labels on the right sidebar of this page.  After you hit Publish, your blog will be on the internet. You can write more posts to increase the visitors to your site. Until then, Happy Blogging!

Note – If you intend to make money out of your blog, read the following articles to know how to maximize your profit without committing errors!

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