Hostinger Discount – Cheap Hosting for beginners

Let us review a cheap hosting available for beginners. 

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Have you ever wanted to start a professional looking blog but always run short of the budget?

Do you want to create your blog with WordPress but cannot pay 5000-6000 in the beginning? Well some time back, I also have the same problem which forced me to create my blog over Google Blogger.

It was not really a good experience using Blogger especially if you want to monetize your website. It is due to the fact that it has limited SEO features.

Because of this, I switched to and decided to pay a good amount to web hosting service providers. But soon I found a trick which helped me to host my website for just 1200 INR ( or even for 700 INR).

Yes, I am talking about a cheap hosting provided by Hostinger.

So without further delay let’s look at the features web hosting provider Hostinger and how it is one of the cheapest option available right now.

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Problems that beginners face while starting a blog –


I have always recommended WordPress over Blogger. If you want to know more, follow the below links –


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Now, when you are new to the blogging world, the first thing that you want is that your site looks great(appearance).

Second, you are carving to have lots of incoming organic traffic on your site. It is very difficult to make your website appear on the first page of Google, but it is also quite achievable with constant efforts.

For this, you need SEO boost which is not possible with Blogger ( Believe me, I tried to improve my SEO ranking with Blogger for almost 2 months but was not able to achieve the level of SEO optimization that WordPress gave me in just 2 days!)

So once you know that Blogger is not a good option if you want to monetize your blog and that WordPress is a lot better, the next problem you face is that of money.

Money is the one(and I think the only one), which stops the majority of young bloggers to opt for WordPress and start with Blogger. This slows them in the race to the top of Google search results. Once you have created 20-30 post on blogger, then it is a real headache to migrate from blogger to WordPress.

You will face many issues like SEO problems, removed thumbnail, and many more. To avoid such situations, it is best that you start with WordPress and optimize your site right from day 1.( Trust me it can save you many days)


Hosting issues –

Let’s do some math and analyze the total money that one needs to spend to start a website. ( I am assuming that you are creating it for personal use and don’t have a lot of hard earned cash to spend on it)

To create a site you need –

Domain – It will cost you around 200-600 INR ( dollars)


Hosting – 2000-3000 INR per year


SSL certificate – 1500-4000 per year


Total – 3700 – 7600 per year!

Now, the problem is that we don’t have such huge funds in the beginning. We always think that once we start earning money from our blog( Adsense and affiliate marketing), we will be able to cover such expenses.

But that time is no time soon! ( Don’t expect to earn money before 3 months – it’s rare because a lot of other websites are spending huge sums just to feature on the first page of Google search results). Let’s see the solution that I used at the beginning to host my website for a very low cost.


Problem? – Hostinger is the solution!


The solution to this budget problem is the web hosting company – Hostinger.

“The place where high-quality web hosting is always accompanied by a low price.”

Hostinger is a web services provider company which offers web hosting, Business hosting, domain registration and much more.

The best thing I love about Hostinger is that you can opt for 3 months hosting ( which is not available in other hosting providers) which will cost you around 600 INR.

If you do it right, you can easily start to earn after 3 months and hence will be able to pay for the expenses.

Hostinger also offers a web SSL certificate for just 550 INR for the lifetime, unlike other providers which provide it on a subscription basis ( you will hardly get a cheap SSL certificate from other companies).


source: Hostinger

It is the cheapest hosting that you can buy right now and create a beautiful and SEO optimized site on They also offer a 100% No-Risk guarantee program where you can get an instant refund if you are not satisfied with their services. So its worth to give it a try!

I have myself used Hostinger web hosting on my other blogs/websites for only 200-300 per month and was totally satisfied with their services and hope that you will too.

It is quite common to have the excitement of creating a site over WordPress for beginners. I have also faced this when I was new in this business. So, try this cheap web hosting for a cheap price and enjoy blogging with WordPress! Happy blogging!

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  1. I Follow different SEO expert time to time but I believe SEO is more than reading. Its actually doing and getting good quality and relevant backlinks. Its really amazed me when i start getting relevant links. Results are awesome once you start getting quality links fast. Thanks for your Quality Blog.

  2. Do you know any other coupons? Really want to try hostinger as my friend earlier said a lot of nice things about it. I’m so late at these things 🙁

    1. Hello Aavar! I don’t think that I have any sort of discounted coupon right now but will try to find out about any such coupon and update the post. Thank you 🙂

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