Google AdSense Earnings: Things you need to know!

Will I start earning as soon as I get my Google AdSense Account approved? What will be my Google AdSense Earnings?

These are some of the most common questions that come to our minds while applying for Google AdSense.

Adsense is a service from Google which gives you money for showing ads on your website/blog. Before you apply for AdSense, you must have many doubts related to Adsense, earnings, etc.

In this post, I will try to answer all the basic questions related to AdSense Earning.

Also, I will keep on adding different questions related to Google AdSense Earning in the upcoming days.

So without further delay, let us see some of the most basic Frequently Asked Questions related to AdSense!

1. What is Google AdSense?

You all know that advertisements have a huge impact in the modern world. Companies spend huge sums of money in the advertisement market to attract potential customers to their website or products/services. But how are they able to advertise their products over the internet? Well, the answer is Google AdSense!

Google AdSense
Advertisements between posts.

Google AdSense is a platform which allows publishers to serve attractive media Advertisements, that are targeted to site content and audience.

In simple words, AdSense allows you to display ads on your website/blog. If any visitor on your site clicks an advertisement, you will be paid!

2. Why Google pay us?

Think of it like this – you sign up for Google AdSense and your account gets approval, you decided to display ads on your website. Now for those ads, Google takes some amount of money from the company to display them on your website. 

In return, Google pays a fixed amount to you if those ads are being clicked by the visitors on your site. Simple, isn’t it?

3. How to approve my AdSense account?

You must be willing to create an AdSense account as soon as possible. But due to various factors, your application might get rejected.

To know how I was able to approve my AdSense account in just 1 week, follow this link –

How to approve AdSense account in 1 week! (2018)

4. Will I start to earn money by showing ads on my website/Blog as soon as my AdSense gets approved?

Well, this is the most common question that comes to our minds. Maximum of new bloggers think that as soon as the AdSense account is active we can earn a good amount of money out of it. Well, it’s just partially true!

It depends on various factors like –

The visitors you get on a single day – 

Visitors or more specifically unique visitors play a crucial role for you to get the most out of AdSense. You might get an AdSense approval within a few days but you won’t earn a decent amount until you have enough traffic on your website. So visitors, especially from organic search is really important.

The number of clicks on the ads –

 Just Ad Impressions won’t fetch you anything. If your visitor is not clicking the ads, they are useless! Google defines a term called CPC (COST PER CLICK) which is simply a measure of how much an advertiser is paying each time an ad gets clicked. So it is really important for you to convert your Ads impressions into clicks.

Ads placement and their sizes –

Ads placement and their sizes are the most important factors you should consider if you want your visitors to click on the ads displayed on your website. Select the most responsive ads and place them where they are likely to be get clicked. You can also check the Google AdSense Dashboard to check your best and worst performing Ads.

For instance, when my AdSense application got approval, I use to get 10 page views a day. This continued for almost 2 months! and so I was not earning any amount of money.

But the only thing that made a difference was that I continued to write more posts and more importantly updated my older posts. Thus my Adsense earning started to increase considerably. Be patient and focus on the content of the blog. You will surely start earning one day!

Google AdSense
Even after 3 days of my approval, I was earning zero!

5. What will be my Google AdSense Earnings?

The most hyped question with no definite answer. Your Google AdSense Earnings is the one question that comes to everyone’s mind. Let’s see how much you are going to earn after Google accepts your application.

As I have already stated above – don’t expect to start earning directly after your AdSense account gets an approval especially when you have very few visitors on your website.

Now, let us assume that you are getting more than 1000 page views a day, then surely you will be able to earn a decent amount of money depending on your blog niche, the location from where the traffic is coming, Ads type and their placements. Consider the following situations – 

1. If you have a blog which is on a topic which comes under profitable niche( a niche topic refers to a specific topic which is created or written with an intent to earn money out of it) then you are most likely to earn a good amount of money.

2. Similarly, If the traffic on your site is coming from countries like US, UK, etc where the advertisers pay a high amount of money for clicks, then you are most likely to earn more. On the other hand, if your traffic is coming from countries like India, you will earn less for the same niche.

However, if you are getting just 100-200 page views per day, then you will not be able to earn money from AdSense. In that case, forget about AdSense for a while and try to work on your blog by creating more quality posts which will thereby increase your traffic and thus your Google AdSense Earnings!


6. Why my Google Adsense earnings is always zero?

Is your AdSense account always show zero? Are your Adsense earning stuck with nothing but zero? If your site is having low traffic, then you will not earn any sort of money(check ou FAQ no 4 and 5). One other reason that Google Adsense is showing zero could be that you are getting very few clicks on your ads which in turn will reduce your CPC(Cost Per Click). So it is indeed a long journey before you start to earn from AdSense. You can try the following techniques(in short) to try and maximize your revenue

1. Improve your ad placement.

2. Experiment with different Ad sizes.

3. Use Social media to drive traffic to your website.

4. Write quality content….

Read More to know more –

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