Elementor : Create a static homepage in WordPress

WordPress – One of the many advantages that WordPress offers is the option to create a beautiful, elegant and responsive home page. We can easily create static pages in WordPress using a plugin known as Elementor!

Static homepage allows you to show what you want to the visitors on your site. Generally, visitors feel a lot better when they see that your homepage contains all the info about your website in a representative manner.

Hence static homepage is a must if you are on WordPress or creating a website on your own.

Elementor is a plugin which has many options and templates which can be used to create pages like homepage, FAQ’s page, About page, Contact Page and many more!

Elementor comes with a free version and a premium one. Though a free version is enough for beginners, you can unlock its full potential by upgrading to the premium version.

Let us see the full guide on how to create a static homepage using Elementor!

What is a static homepage?

A static homepage is a page on which a user lands when he/she opens your website. By default, your homepage is set to all the blog posts page that you created. You can create a beautiful and elegant looking homepage which replaces your default blog posts page.

Check out the difference between a blog page and a static homepage

This site also has a static homepage. Follow the links to see both the default page and the static homepage.

Default page – BLOG

Static Homepage – GrowUrBlog


Why Elementor?

It is important to know why I and many other non-coders always prefer to use Elementor.

The best thing that it offers is the simplicity. I have used a bunch of other page builders but I always come back to Elementor. That is the level of trust that many bloggers have with it. It is very likely that once you start using it, you will surely buy the premium version of this software. Let us see some of the features of this best page builder plugin!


Some Features

Let us see some of the best features of Elementor and why it is preferred over other Page builders.

source: piktochart.com


Step by step guide on how to create a static homepage


1. Installing Elementor plugin

Before building a page, we have to install the Elementor plugin. To do so, navigate to the plugins section of your WordPress dashboard and then click on Add New. After that, type Elementor in the search bar and install the plugin. After it is successfully installed, proceed to the next steps.

source: Elementor plugin


2. Creating a Page

Now when you are done installing Elementor plugin, you are all set to create a beautiful homepage.

Navigate to the Pages section of your WordPress dashboard and select Add New. You will be greeted with an editor.

Then click on the option – Edit With Elementor

source: WordPress

A page builder will open.

3. Setting Up Elementor before you start building page

There are some basic settings which you need to change (according to your needs) before building a page. The default layout when you start building a page is not suitable to build a page as it contains sidebar.

To make your page a full width, just click on the setting (gear icon in the bottom left) and change the Page layout from the drop-down menu.

You can give your webpage a title and can also hide it completely.

source: Elementor


4. Creating a Page using Section Method –

Elementor gives you two option to create a responsive page. You can choose any one of the following methods to create a webpage according to your requirements. These two methods are Section Method and Template Method.

Section method is a method of creating a page by creating sections one by one. It works on the method of drag and drop where you can select ant block from the pool of block on the left side of your screen and start adding them one by one.

To create a page using Section method, click on the (+) icon on the main page and select the layout you want to create for that particular section. Then add sections like column, image, text, video, button and many more.

Keep on adding such sections until you create a long enough homepage.

source: Elemetnor


5. Create a Page using Template Method –

This is the most famous and most common to create a static page.

It is widely used because of the simplicity it offers to create a web page. In the Template method, you have pre-designed templates and blocks which can be directly used to create a webpage.

To create a page using the template method, Click on the “template icon” (next to the “+” icon) on the main page screen.

A pop-up window will open. This is the Library of Elementor. ‘

You can insert pre-defined templates from it ( though some are free, you can unlock all templates by purchasing the premium version of Elementor)

source: Elementor

On the top of the Library window, click on Blocks section. Now you can add different beautiful blocks on your webpage one by one according to the requirement of your webpage.

source: Elementor

Once you have added the template, blocks or sections, edit them according to your requirements. Edit the title. add your own images, add icons and much more.

Every single bit of these blocks is customizable. Just click on a particular area of a particular section and customize it as you want.

For example, Let us say, I inserted a block and want to add my own content to it.

source: Elementor

To do it, click on the part you want to edit and make changes to it in the left column of your screen. If I have to edit the “READ MORE” button and want to link it to some other webpage, I can do so by editing it in the left section on my webpage.

Similarly, you can remove the writings ( like Playgrounds for creative people) by clicking them and adding your own write-ups! Upload your own image to give it a final touch.


6. Redirections

This is an important part of implementing the static homepage besides creating it. After you have created a homepage, you want users to directly land on your newly created homepage (using Elementor) rather than your blog post page.

To accomplish this, you have to create a redirect which directs your regular homepage to newly created Elementor homepage.

To do this navigate to –


Under this option, change your homepage to your newly created Elementor page.

If you want to create a blog post page separately, just create a new default page and name it BLOG ( no need to use Elementor to create this page). Then under the “Your Homepage Displays” setting change your Posts Page to the newly created BLOG page. 

You’re done!

Enjoy your newly created static homepage and improve your site ranking and SEO

If you have any doubts, feel free to contact me. I will definitely help you out. Until then Happy Blogging!



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