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Blogger vs WordPress – Which is better in 2018?

Welcome to the Blogging World! Now when you have decided to create a blog, the next question that most likely comes to your mind is “How to create a blog?” When you search the internet on how to create a blog, the top results will advise you to either use Google Blogger or WordPress. So, it finally comes down to Blogger vs WordPress.

When starting a blog/Website, the biggest question that comes to our mind is which platform(Blogger Vs WordPress) is better to share your ideas and knowledge with the world. Or which one is better to earn maximum profits. The two most common answer in this regard is Blogger and WordPress. But which is better? Which costs less?

These are some of the most speculated questions that must be answered.

There are many factors on which one can decide which one to use. It totally depends on your needs and what you want to accomplish with your website. 

I will try to differentiate both the platforms and try to project a clear picture of the blogger vs WordPress debate in a simple way so that you can decide which is better for you. I will also try to keep it simple and to the point.

So let us analyze the difference between them.


Blogger vs WordPress




Have you ever searched for the term ‘blog’ in Google search? Which websites are at the top of the page?

I am pretty sure that one of them is www.blogger.com!This means that it is one of the most searched words for the keyword ‘blog’. But why Google Blogger is famous?

Let us see what Google Blogger is and why you should use it to create a blog.

What is Google Blogger?

Blogger is a free platform provided by Google to create simple and free blogs. It was developed by Pyra Labs, which was bought by Google in 2003. Blogger, known for its simplicity has allowed millions of users to create blogs under the subdomain of blogspot.com.

Blogger vs wordpress
source: Blogger.com

This means that if you choose to create a free blog using Blogger, your blog’s domain name will have a blogspot extension. Let us understand it by the following example – 

for instance, you will get a free domain in blogger like this  – www.example.blogspot.com

If you want to have a domain which doesn’t have a blog spot extension, you have to purchase a custom domain which will cost you about ₹250 – ₹300 or more.

It is widely regarded as one of the best platforms for beginners.

Pros –

1. Simple to use and understand the basic functions.

2. Since it is a service from Google, your site will run on secure servers.

3. Monetize your site with Google Adsense even if you haven’t invested a single penny!

Note- It is your’s decision to run your blog free but the domain of your blog will end with blogspot.com. You can remove this by buying a custom domain for as low as 250INR(3.65USD).

Cons – 

1. Limited functionality. Really, after you start to gain more traffic, you will surely have to migrate to other platforms(like WordPress).

2. Very few SEO(Search Engine Optimization) available.

3. Limited themes. Though there are very few other themes that are free to use (Google it), you have to pay for most premium themes or you can use free versions of such themes while keeping the footer links.

4. No extended features like e-commerce, Push notifications, etc which are only available on WordPress using Plugins.



WordPress is no stranger in the online World. It powers almost 31% of the websites around the globe. It is a platform which offers website and content creation.

Want a website for e-commerce, portfolio, blog, etc? WordPress got you covered. With the plugins feature that comes exclusively with WordPress, you can create, optimize and personalize any type of website you want. 

Let us further check out the features of WordPress along with some pros and cons.


There are two types of WordPress platforms –

1. wordpress.com

2. wordpress.org

There is quite a bit of difference between these two. To know more about the difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org, follow the link – WordPress.com vs WordPress.org: Which is better in 2018?

Blogger vs wordpress
source: WordPress


I generally use wordpress.org because of the wide range of control it provides to set up your website. So the following pros and cons are written keeping wordpress.org in mind.


Pros –

1. Diverse functionality. You get full control of your website. You are totally responsible for the well being of your website! This is not totally an advantage of WordPress as you are more prone to data loss, security hacks, etc.

2. The most important advantage of wordpress.org is the access to free plugins. They allow you to add features to your website without knowing a single line of code.

3. Variety of SEO(Search Engine Optimization) available to rank your site higher in google search results. This is really important if you want your website to be ranked on the first page of Google which is difficult with other platforms like Blogger.

4. Thousands of themes to choose from. You get access to thousands of free themes which have limited or full access to features(depending on the theme). You can also purchase premium themes which provide access to many premium features but comes with a price tag.

5. You can monetize your wordpress.org blog using Adsense

Cons –

1. It is not a free platform like blogger and you need to pay an amount per month to host your website. (You have to pay around INR 250(3.65 USD) or more to buy a domain and 250-350 INR(3.65-5.11 USD) per month for hosting your website.

2 You can have to purchase an SSL certificate which can increase your total expenditure though sometimes it comes free with hosting.

You can check out the following two hosting which are currently best in the market.

1. Bluehost (High Quality Web Hosting)

2. Hostinger(Cheap Hosting Alternative)


Who can start with Blogger?

Well, I would say that if you are new to this profession and want to learn to blog without spending huge money, then start with blogger.

Google Blogger is best for beginners who cannot afford to spend even a single penny and wish to earn profit from it later on.

After a few months when your blog starts to gain visitors/traffic, then you can migrate to WordPress to increase your blog’s performance and revenue.

Migrating to WordPress is a simple process with very few chances of data loss. So you can always move to WordPress whenever you feel the need to expand your Blog’s outreach.

Who can start with WordPress?

If your primary aim is to earn money from Blogging in a short span of time, you should start with WordPress always. 

But before you start, you must acquire some basic knowledge of blogging, SEO, etc (and all the terms related to this field). It will save your time and will give you an edge in this competitive profession. 

This will help in increasing your site’s performance thereby ranking you high in search results!

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