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101+ Blog Ideas to start your Blog: The First Step Process!

Want to start a blog but can’t decide on the topic? Don’t have enough blog ideas to start?

It is quite common that we once think of having a blog but not sure how to start with it.

Even I was confused about the topic or the theme while writing my first blog. I was not very confident about the content I had.

I recently published a post on How to start a blog.

The first step while starting a blog (as I have mentioned in the above post) is blog ideas to start with!


So, in this post, I will be talking about that idea and how you can start your own blog by choosing a suitable topic from the unique ideas that I will provide in this post.

I have divided the topics category wise!


So let us start the “First Step Process

Also, note that I have mentioned high paying niches/topics in my list so that you can get an idea of how profitable your blog will be.


Health and nutrition




1. How to live a healthy life

2. Weight loss/gain or How to lose weight in 1 month, etc.

3. Nutrition/Nutritional Supplements

4. Tackling depression/hypertension etc.

5. Healthy food

6. Pharmaceuticals/medicines

7. Self Help

8. Personal Development

9. Home exercise methods (like cycling, etc) without going to the gym

10. Yoga techniques

11. Self-defense





12. Latest trends

13. Cosmetics

14. Review blog

15. Best beauty products for women (lipstick, toner, etc)

16. Makeup Blog


Travel and Photography



17. How to take masterpiece photos with any camera

18. Personal photography Blog

19. Travel Photography

20. Travel Blog

21. Food Blogging while traveling

22. How to travel with a low budget (best and cheap hotels to stay, famous food, etc)

23. A travel blog with videography

24. Comparing flight plans of various airlines, car rentals, etc

25. Eco-tourism

26. Animal photography

27. Photography touching social issues

28. The best places to visit in a country/state


All about Blogging/Earn money Online



29. Blogging Tutorials

30. How to earn money online at Home (generate 6 figure income)

31. Web Design and development

32. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques/growing website traffic

33. Troubleshooting blogging errors

34. Blog on a non-profit organization

35. E-mail marketing

36. Ways to invest in a blog

37. How to bring huge traffic to a website




38. Latest Tech. news

39. Tutorials to PC/Mac/Mobile software

40. Online services guide

41. How to guide

42. Case Study on latest technology

43. Review recent or upcoming smartphones, pc, etc

44. How to build a software for pc/mobile

45. Troubleshooting computer software/hardware errors

46. Internet of Things




47. Insurance companies review

48. Car/truck insurance

49. Best life insurance schemes available

50. Car maintainence


Trading and Banking


51. Blog on Forex trading (Foreign Exchange Trading)

52. Blog on the latest banking trends

53. Stock market guide (how to earn money by investing in the stock market)




54. Study material for various exams

55. Complete study plans

56. Blog listing various institutions/coaching centers

57. Blog to help college students with their courses (providing guides)

58. Job postings

59. Job reviews




60. Blog sharing views on latest burning news

61. Creepy news and facts

62. A thorough post on a recent issue with everything from history to latest trends

63. Write up on an upcoming event (like elections, etc)




64. Blog on farming (crops, etc)

65. Latest technological advancements in the agricultural sector

66. Best Organic Products to boost health


Music and Dance


67. How to guides (how to play guitar, piano, etc)

68. Blog comparing the best music instruments (price, quality, etc)

69. Latest music trends


Education and motivation


70. Language learning blogs

71. Personality development

72. Blog to provide basic education for everyone

73. Learning blog for kids

74. How to communicate professionally

75. How to start a conversation

76. Motivational blog with quotes, success stories, etc

77. Blog on meditation techniques

78. How to read/write like a pro

79. How to write and publish a book/e-book on Amazon, etc

80. Review latest or famous books/movies available in the market




81. Review the latest gaming titles (virtual games)

82. Blog on cricket, football, etc, teams and future games prediction

83. Betting Blog

84. Indie Video Game Development

85. Assembling PC gaming rigs

86. Reviewing gaming accessories like a graphics card, keyboard, etc




87. Interior decorations and design blog

88. Apartment living


Personal Blog


89. Personal views on any topic

90. What you feel like today




91. Kid’s craft

92. Nursery Rhyme for Kids

93. Toy review Blog for kids


Miscellaneous Blog Ideas


94. Listicles (A listicle is an item which focuses on a list of items. For example – Top 10 ways to do “X”, etc)

95. A blog on latest and famous Gifs and memes

96. Frequently Asked Questions

97. “How to” blog (similar to wikiHow)

98. Round-ups Blog (A blog which lists Top blogs across the Internet)

99. All about Kitchen

100. Feminism

101. Life Management

102. Time management



These are the top ideas to help you start your own blog. Please inform me of any leftover category and I will update the post asap.

But the best thing about this article is that it is updated every week!

Stay Tuned!!

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