Adsense: How to approve AdSense account in 1 week! (2018)

Hello everyone! I started this blog back in July 2018 to help beginners understand the basics of Blogging and help them earn a decent money out of it. Like all the other bloggers, I wanted to approve AdSense account and start earning money out of it.

Of all my previous blogs, it took me a good amount of time to approve my AdSense account. Before creating this blog, I focused on the previous mistakes that I committed and tried to avoid them.

So I followed some very basic techniques to approve my account. After just 6 days of creating this blog, I submitted my application for AdSense account and got an approval after just 2 days!

Today I am going to tell you how I was able to approve my AdSense account in just 1 week.

I had no funds (just like many of the beginners) to opt for a self-hosted website on WordPress. So I started with Blogger by Google which is a free platform to create blogs for beginners.

Initially, it seemed a viable option but soon I realized that it was not good for SEO optimizations.

WordPress  is a lot better option but if you don’t want to invest money in the beginning, start with the blogger.

I still managed to get my AdSense account approved with Google blogger by following some very simple and basic steps that every new blogger must follow.

Let’s get started


Tips to Approve AdSense Account in 1 week!


1. Custom Domain –


So what is a custom domain and why it is important in order to approve AdSense account? 

When you create a website on blogger, it asks you to give your site a web address.

It usually looks something like this –

This web address is known as a domain. It gives your website an address which directs a visitor onto your site. But having a domain as is not good if you wish to approve your account.

A custom domain is a high-level domain which increases your AdSense approval chances considerably. A custom domain looks like this – or 

and so on….

Google gives high priority to top-level custom domains like .com and .in when it has to approve AdSense account. Blogs with domains like and have low chances of getting their account approved.

I bought the .in domain for this website in just 250 rupees(3.5 USD) from domain registering site Godaddy.

You can use any other site including Google domains services to buy a custom domain (the prices of custom domain vary across different registering sites and are cheaper when they offer discounts. Normally you would get a custom domain for around ₹ 500 – ₹800)




approve adsense account
custom domain


2.Quality Content –


Quality content is paramount when it comes to approve AdSense account.

You can invest any amount of money on your blog but if you are writing a poor content, you will never be able to approve AdSense account. I applied for AdSense which got approved in just 1 week because I created unique and quality content which helped the readers visiting my blog.

Google does not compromise when it comes to the quality and uniqueness of content even if you have less number of post or low SEO optimizations.

When I started my blog, I had no Search Engine Optimizations because I started withGoogle Blogger but content made my approval process much faster.

Some points to remember while writing posts for your blog – 

1. Write Quality content which is unique.

2. Don’t copy paste other content on the internet to your blog. Avoid plagiarism.

3. Avoid Grammatical mistakes. Use extensions like Grammarly to avoid making grammatical mistakes. Learn more about this extension here – Chrome Extension:Top 5 free SEO extensions to boost up your rankings

4. Write thourough and detailed content which solve some purpose. The visitors to your site should be able to get his answers after reading your posts.


approve adsense account
Quality Content

3. Performance –


Performance and loading time of your site is really important. Generally, visitors don’t want to come back to a site which takes ages to load. Hence you should try to make your website faster.

If you are on Google Blogger, you don’t have to worry much as there are no or less scripts on blogger that can reduce your site speed. Also since your site is just a few days old, you don’t have to worry about the site speed unless you carry out some horrible experiments.

However, if you are on WordPress, use plugins to speed up your site! It is way too easy to use these plugins.You can use plugins like Smush(which is used to compress images size and hence increase speed), WP Super Cache, etc to reduce your site’s loading time.

Try to keep your site simple with fewer widgets. It will improve the loading time it takes on the desktop and mobile. Also, try to analyze your website on Google’s site (click here) to test your mobile usability and performance.

Today maximum people use smartphones to serve the web. If your website is slow on mobile devices or is not responsive, you might lose many crucial visitors. So try to keep your website fast.

4. Google Search Console and Analytics –


These platforms by Google are used a lot in order to analyze the performance of the website and remove the errors regularly.

They are the top best free tools that are provided by Google to give you an insight as to how your site is performing.

You also have to update the sitemaps in search console and kept a track on how your website is doing in Google search and in real-time.

You can track your website traffic using Google Analytics but you need to wait for around 4 days to 1 week for Google Search Console to collect data from your website and discover errors.

So these tools are not very necessary for AdSense account approval but you should start using them from day 1 (Highly Recommended).

I will post a separate blog post on how to use Google Analytics and Search Console to track the performance of your website. 

Search Console
Search Console

5.Pages –


It is a well-known fact that pages are very important when it comes to approve an AdSense account. Your website should have basic pages like about me, privacy policy, and contact us, etc.

You can create About me and Contact me pages on your own (or use Plugins if using WordPress).

To create a Privacy Policy page, you can Google Privacy Policymaker and get one for yourself.

They should also be easily navigable and visible. Place them on the top navigation bar or at the footer area of your webpage so that they are easily navigable by the Google crawling Bots which crawls your website. Don’t hide them!

Easily Navigable Pages



So to conclude,

When I started my blog I was not getting any page views because of the following reasons –

1. No indexing of pages.

2. My site was new.

3. No SEO on my site.

But still, I got my AdSense approval in just 1 week. In many cases, Bloggers strive hard to get an approval but Google always rejects their application. The main reason is that they keep on committing the same mistake again and again. 

They go for many different ways to get an approval but fail because they don’t follow the above basic rules carefully. 

The above tips are very simple but often ignored by bloggers.

Mail from Adsense!


Don’t worry about the traffic in the beginning as it will slowly increase, or about the appearance of the website

. Try to make it simple, write high-quality content, make it easily navigable by creating a clean and simple interface and buy a custom domain and then submit your website to Google AdSense after 1 week. You will surely be able to approve AdSense account. Good luck Blogging!

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