Amazon Affiliate Program – Still better in 2019?

Amazon is one of the largest online shopping company in the world. It is also one of the most famous e-commerce websites in India. It offers affiliate programs under the name Associates. The Amazon affiliate program is widely used in India and across the world.

But is it good to enroll for Amazon affiliate programme in 2019? What is the procedure to sign up for this programme?

Well, let us find out!

What is Amazon Affiliate Program?

Like every other business, Amazon also hugely relies on the revenue that is generated through affiliates.

It simply means that Amazon pays a commission if any product is purchased through an affiliate link.

When you sign up for the Amazon Affiliate Program, you are given a unique affiliate link for every product on Amazon.

Let us say that you promote a particular Amazon product on your website and a visitor purchase that product through the link you provided, then you will receive commision for qualified(if the purchase is successful) purchase of that product.

The following is the commission rates for Amazon Affiliate Program.

Amazon Associates
source: Amazon Associates

Amazon, the e-commerce giant offers commissions up to 12 percent (though the maximum commission has now been reduced to 10 percent) on various products.

When visitors on your website buy the products using your link, you earn commissions once the product is shipped.

There are other famous affiliate services like CJ Affiliate, etc but Amazon is still trusted and used by many bloggers.

Because unlike other Affiliates, the sign-up process on Amazon is much easier and its products are sold in huge quantity so commissions are higher.

Also, it is a trusted company with payouts at regular intervals making it a compelling choice.

How to sign up for Amazon Affiliate Program(you can also register on associates if you target international audiences) –

1.  Sign up –

Open Amazon Affiliate Program( Associates ) on your browser and select “Join Now For Free” option in the top right corner of your screen. It will ask you to sign-in into your Amazon account ( If you have not created an Amazon account, click here).
Amazon Associates
source: Amazon Associates

2. Create your Account –

After you sign in you will be asked to provide details such as account info, website/blog info, profile, etc. Fill up every required detail and your account will be ready to use.
Amazon Associates
source: Amazon Associates

3. Setup Links –

You will be directed to Amazon affiliate home page. Select any product you want to promote by typing the keyword on “search and create links for any products page” tab.
Amazon Associates
source: Amazon Associates
4. For example, I want to promote a smartphone on my blog. In order to do that, I will select the smartphone I want to promote and then click on “Get Link” tab on the right side.
Amazon Associates
source: Amazon Associates

5. Banners –

Then you can select the type of banner you want (text and images both, text only, image only). Copy the corresponding code (at the bottom) and paste it into your website(if you are unaware of how to use/paste the link on your website, do let me know. I will surely help you).
Amazon Associates
source: Amazon Associates

7. Widgets –

You can also use a widget to show banners. For that, navigate to “Add to Widget” tab and then create a new widget of your choice. After it is done, click “Save and Get Code” option and then paste this code into the widget section of your blog(use “add an HTML/JavaScript” option).

8. You’re Done! –

Voila! You are done. Whenever users buy any product through your links, you will earn commissions. You can check your progress by navigating to Reports section of your Amazon associates account.
Amazon Associates
source: Amazon Associates
Amazon Affiliate program is good for those bloggers who blog on the topics related to Amazon’s high commission products.
If you see this blog, I generally write on Blogging, SEO, etc which are services based topics. So the Amazon affiliate program is not a good choice for me.
But I have used this program on my previous blogs and the results were appreciable.
If you want a reliable and high output source of income, then yes you can try amazon affiliate program at least in the beginning. Later you can also move on to other high commission paying sites/companies like Clickbank, etc to further increase your profits. Until then, Happy Blogging!
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