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Chrome Extension:Top 5 free SEO extensions to boost up your rankings

Hello everyone! In this post, I will tell you about the Top 5 best Chrome Extension that I use to boost my SEO rankings and help you have a better track on how your site is performing on Google Search and other on other parameters.

If you have plans to monetize your website, you must have heard some very common terms like SEO, Google AdSense, etc.

You also know that how important it is to improve your Search Engine Optimization rankings as it is the only way you can rank higher on Google search results and earn a decent amount of money.

Ranking a site on Google is a pretty tough job especially when you are new in the Blogging world. I am sure you don’t want to leave any stone unturned when it comes to improving your SEO.

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One of the simplest ways to keep a track of any website performance is using free SEO chrome extensions.

These free extensions are handy to use, easy to learn and interpret and will provide a great value to bloggers.

So, let’s see my top 5 best Chrome Extensions which will boost up your SEO rankings!!

Note that all these tools are free to use and will serve your purpose completely. I have myself tried all these extensions and continue to use them to date!!

1. Grammarly Chrome Extension –

One of the most important SEO technique that you can’t afford to ignore is content writing. Content is paramount when it comes to improving your rankings in Google search.

Google primarily looks for quality and thorough content which can help the visitors serve their purpose for which they are visiting the site.

So it is important that you avoid writing blunders and grammatical errors. It really affects your SEO rankings and could be an obstacle to the path of boosting your rankings.

The solution to this problem is a Chrome Extension called Grammarly!




Grammarly has always been my companion for the past 2 years. It is the best and trusted friend that you can rely on while writing content.

I always write articles that are over 800 words. Writing such big articles without any error seems quite impossible. But with Grammarly extension on my toolbar in Chrome, every piece of writing becomes perfect.

Grammarly automatically detects errors in your write-ups including spelling mistake, grammatical errors, words mismatch, etc.

It corrects them with just a click! It is worth a try if you are not very good at the English language (or even if you are good at it).

Download the extension here – Grammarly for Chrome


2. Alexa Traffic Rank –

Alexa Internet is a subsidiary of the e-commerce giant It provides a variety of features including commercial web traffic data and analytics.

Alexa offers an all in one SEO tools to skyrocket your Google rankings. But the problem is that it is very costly and not for everyone (the basic plan costs around 100 dollars per month).

But they released a free Google Chrome extension which shows your site metrics. It is important to check your site rankings as it allows you to keep a track of your site’s performance.

Improved rankings also motivates you to keep moving forward and write better content.

Though Alexa Traffic rank chrome extension is not a great help when it comes to SEO, it does show you some key information about your site which can prove to be very useful.

Let us see some of the features of Alexa Traffic Rank extension –

Chrome Extensions

To download this extension click here – Alexa Traffic Rank


3. Open SEO Stats chrome Extension –

It is one of the best SEO extension I found on chrome store. It gives you an overall insight of your website.

If you want a free all in one extension, then your search ends here.

Open SEO Stats was the first Chrome Extension that I used way back when I created my first blog. It still sits on my top bar in Chrome as I rely on it for the basic information that no site gives me for free!

This extension shows you how many website pages are indexed by famous search engines such as,, etc.

It has a variety of options including SEO stats, Traffic Stats, Site info, Page info, Link stats, Page Speed and many more.


Open SEO Stats
source: Open SEO Stats

Check out this cool extension – Open SEO Stats


4. SEO Quake –

If you want an advanced version of Open Page SEO, then SEO Quake is the answer you are looking for. SEO Quake is a free Chrome extension which gives you a complete SEO audit of your website. It is a must-have tool right on your browser!

Chrome Extension
source: SEOQuake

It comes with many features including a detailed report of any website, SEO audit, Internal and external links to your website and much more.

Though it is a free Chrome extension, its functionality can be extended by connecting it with SEMRUSH.

So the question is that what is Semrush?

If you have read my previous articles, then you already know that I prefer Semrush tool to improve my SEO rankings. Read this article to know more about Semrush!

If you are interested in buying Semrush, you can do so by clicking on “Join Now For Free” button below!



Even if you don’t have a Semrush account, it is still a great tool for complete insight with SEO on your site.

Download the extension – SEOquake


5. MOZ Bar –

Do you know that to rank your page on Google or any other search Engine, you need to have a high Domain Authority?

Let us understand what a domain authority is and why it is so important. ( I will post an in-depth article on domain authority)

According to MOZ, Domain Authority (DA) is a search engine ranking score developed by Moz that predicts how well a website will rank on search engine result pages. It is measured on a scale of 1 – 100 . More the Domain authority of a website, the higher it will rank in search results!

Moz Bar is a Chrome Extension which tells you the Domain Authority of any webpage.

Moz Bar
source: Moz Bar

In addition, it offers some very basic info about any site.

Though MOZ Bar is a free extension, you have to create a free MOZ account in order to use it.

Download this extension – MozBar


All these Extensions are my daily drivers and help me in shaping a successful Blogging journey. It is very difficult for me to create a Blog and optimize it without these extensions.

I will add more extensions as I use them and update this post in near future. Until then, Happy Bogging!!


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